There are many business opportunities opening up in this ever increasing age of information and technology. With the baby boomers starting to retire en mass it will leave many industries needing more qualified people to fill the void. There will be many career openings in the health care, science, computers and space industries. Let’s look at seven hot business opportunities for 2012 and beyond.

1) Care Givers Needed

With the aging baby boomer population reaching their final decades there will be a huge need for compassionate caregivers to assist the aged in their homes, yards, errands and physical outings. There will be more retirement homes and assisted living centers needed than ever before in history. People trained in nursing, physical therapy, nutrition and psychology will have plenty of opportunities in the next two decades.

2)  Robotics Specialists

It’s almost like a science fiction novel from long ago but, yes, the robots are running many things in our society today. Scientists are working diligently to develop new ways for robots to serve us and make life easier. This is an industry that is picking up momentum at a rapid pace. Robots are used in factories, research facilities, hospitals and for housekeeping. This business opportunity will be multifaceted There is a need for robot scientists, “roboticists”, to create them and make sure they operate correctly. Then there is a need for the maintenance of the robots when they need repair. And finally there is the need for trainers to instruct the humans how to work with their robot friends.

3) Where Are The Mechanics

With all of the retiring baby boomers and the scant number of people going to trade schools to learn how to be mechanics and technicians there will be a huge demand for these type of professionals. This kind of work isn’t considered attractive but it is a real need in our society. Without mechanics and technicians when things break down we are stuck. The unsung hero, the fix it man, the repair guy, will find a new appreciation in the future.

4) Weigh In

With the popularity of fast foods in our manic society obesity has become an international concern. Diabetes is growing at an alarming pace. There will be hot business opportunities in the weight loss and nutritional counseling fields. Many people today don’t have any idea what a healthy and balanced diet. Anyone in the medical industry that chooses to specialize in the field of diabetics will have more work than they can handle.

5)  Organic Food Experts

We are already seeing that organic foods make up more than ten percent of the grocery industry. While many are living more and more on junk food and sugar others are cleaning up their diets and patronizing organic markets. The organic food industry will need more scientists, growers, certification experts and retailers to meet the future demand. This is a great opportunity to make the world a better place.

6)  Integrated Medicine

There is a growing movement in the medical industry that will bring many hot business opportunities. Doctors are now studying allopathic medicine, where drugs are used to treat illness, and they are studying holistic medicine too. Research is showing that practices such as yoga, meditation, herb therapy and more can give a higher quality of life and ward off degenerative disease. There will be a great integration of the natural and holistic in the medical industry in the near future.

7) Multi-linguists Rule

The world is quickly becoming a large business opportunity. We are entering a new dawn of a global economy. People that can speak multiple languages will definitely rule the business world. We are seeing more international business transactions. Even for those that don’t leave their own country it will be beneficial to speak more than one language. This will make jobs for people to teach languages to others also.

It is said that the future will require people to keep learning because of the rapid rate of technological growth. Those that stop learning will find it hard to benefit from  these seven hot business opportunities for 2012 and beyond.

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