You wouldn’t dream of marrying the first person you met on the street, yet many people in business approach the task of choosing an accountant in that very way. Choosing the right accountant is the business equivalent to choosing someone you want to marry. You might think for a moment that is a little over the top but consider with me the important questions, what is an accountant and what should your accountant do for you and your business?

A skilled accountant is more than a form-filler or number cruncher they will help guide you in your business as a rudder guides a ship. He or she will help you perfect your business plan, meet your tax and manage your growth. Your accountant should also empower you to understand the current tax environment as it pertains to your type of enterprise so that you can plan effectively. The accountant you choose will help determine your success in business.

An absolute requirement is an accountant you can understand, have you ever been in to see an accountant/lawyer or doctor and left the room at the end of the interview thinking ‘I still have no idea what they were banging on about’. You are not alone. Many of these professionals fall down when it comes to basic communication skills. You need someone’s advice you can understand and apply for maximum gain in your business.

In other words you need us, Helensvale Tax and Accounting and let me tell you why.

1) It costs you nothing to get to know us! Meet with us cost and obligation Free. Come in and get to know us you’ll see what we can do for you. We are happy to invest this time free of charge because we want you to succeed, and we want to help you do it!

2) We have been helping individuals and business with their Tax and Accounting for three generations. We have learnt what it takes to help you succeed.

3) Our clients, your neighbours recommend us to you. People in your area and across the country have used our services and are enjoying the full range of services and support we offer. Give yourself the same advantage!

We look forward to meeting you, don’t procrastinate your peace of mind!
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